Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Bible Cover to Cover Overview

So you are ready to read the Bible cover to cover!  Congratulations!  Here is a guide.  Each month read the assigned amount. There is a quiz for each month. The quiz contains multiple choice questions, short answer, and some longer questions designed to help you with your reflection.  The point of the quiz is to provide a fun incentive to keep reading.

It is very easy to get bogged down and soon lose interest in reading the Bible. The point is to become familiar with as much of the text as possible, not to doggedly read every word and feel bad when you don’t. Read enough to answer the quizzes. Skip the boring parts. Don't worry about getting behind. If you don't finish the readings for one month, start afresh with the new readings for the new month and catch up on the earlier readings later. 

At Bible and Jive you will find numerous resources to aid you in your reading.  A more in-depth guide to the readings for that month is provided as well as other on-line resources.

The approach to the Bible will be historical/metaphorical/symbolic. This means that we will look at the historical context in which the texts were written to seek to understand the type of literature produced. We will also explore this literature through the lens of depth psychology. We will look at how issues of power, politics, gender, race, class, play into reading the texts. Always before us will be the question of authority. Who says ‘God says’?

Here is the recommended text: NRSV Bible with Apocrypha

Families are encouraged to read
The Family Story Bible with their children.  See the The Family Story Bible Quizzes section on the sidebar for an overview and quizzes.

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