Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Story Bible Quiz (May)

May pp. 120-140

1) How did God speak to Elijah? Have you ever heard God speak?

2) What wonderful thing did Miriam do?

3) Sometimes when we are brave like Queen Vashti, people get angry with us and are mean. Should we be brave anyway? Why or why not?

4) What brave thing did Esther do?

5) What did Job learn?

6) Write a psalm to God about how you are feeling right now.

7) The Song of Songs is about men and women being romantic and playful. How do you feel when mom and dad are romantic and playful?

8) Why did the angel touch Isaiah's lips with the hot coal?

9) Who is the special leader who Isaiah calls "Wonderful Teacher, Strong God, A Leader for Peace?" (Hint: Think Christmas!)

10) How did you feel when you heard the story of the "Servant Leader?"

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