Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Story Bible Quiz (April)

April pp. 96-119

1) What is the part of the promise that Joshua told the people to keep?

2) Deborah is called a "strong mother in Israel." Can you think of other women and girls who are strong and wise like Deborah?

3) Samson was strong. Do you think he was very smart?

4) Why is Ruth a good, kind person?

5) Why did Hannah name her baby Samuel?

6) The Lord told Samuel to tell Eli some bad news. Have you ever had to tell someone something that you knew would make them sad or angry? How did you feel?

7) How was David able to defeat Goliath?

8) How did you feel when you heard the story of David and Jonathan? Have you ever had to leave a friend?

9) What did David do that was bad?

10) If God could give you anything you wanted, for what would you ask?

11) Do you think it was hard for the woman to trust Elijah?

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