Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Family Story Bible Overview

We are doing a fun thing at church this year. From January through December 2008, we are going to read The Family Story Bible cover to cover!

Each month you will read some stories, answer some questions, turn in your answers to Pastor John and win a prize in worship each month! At the end of the year, everyone who finishes and answers all the quizzes will win a really big prize!

Reading the stories with your parents or grandparents and answering the questions with them may even be more fun than the prizes! You never know! Each month, when you finish with the questions, bring them to church on the last Sunday of the month. Pastor John will read them and give return them to you in church with your prize on the first Sunday of the month.

There are about ten questions for each month. You can write the answers or you can tell your parents what to write and they will write them for you!

Enjoy these great stories! Reading the Bible is fun!

We have copies of
The Family Story Bible free to children of members and friends of our congregation from nursery age through grade five. See Pastor John about getting one! You can download and print the workbook and quizzes here.

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